This article includes important information about the application of Vietnam visa extension for foreigners. In which case, you can get the new one? What does the profile include? Where can you complete the application? When do you receive the new visa extension? You’ll find answers below.

1. The types and symbols of Vietnam visa

Before applying for visa extensions, you should make sure which group your visa belongs to:

The group can be extended

– Visa with symbols NN3 or DN: you need an introduction letter of the company where you’re working.

– Your visa has the sign DL or you are the subject of entry without the visa, you should contact your international travel agencies to complete the procedures.

– If your visa has the sign VR or TT, you can apply for an extension following the standard process.

The group can’t be extended

– You want to change the symbol of the visa. For example, the sign visa DL, that means you want to travel in Vietnam. But you wanted visa is for work in the future, so you need the visa symbol DN, then your application will be denied. In this case, you must come to Vietnam’s exit to apply for a new visa with the appropriate symbol.

– If the visa symbol SQ, you can not extend your visa.

In case you want to register for a new visa quickly, affordably and conveniently, you can come to Moc Bai entrance to complete the request.

If you do not know about the visa symbol, you can learn about Vietnam visa for foreigners.

2. Where and when to apply for the Vietnam visa extension

After completing the required document, you should follow these notes to finish the visa extension procedures for foreigners:

– You can apply at the Immigration Department in the city where you’re staying.

– If you are in Ho Chi Minh city, go to the address 196 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai.

– The staff will receive applications during the working hours.

– Time to complete the process is five working days.

3. The documents required to apply for an extension

You need to bring all required papers, depending on the visa symbol, to not be delayed or denied.

– A photocopy of the passport

– Temporary residence registration form

– Immigration registration application

If you have a visa DN or NN3, you need to submit some other documents:

– A photocopy of the certification of investment powers

– A photocopy of the certificate of registration from your company with their signature.

– NA5 application with the signature of the company

– The company’s introduction letter.

4. The other policies:

– If a foreigner helps another foreigner apply for the Vietnam visa extension, he has to contact the agency or other guarantors to register. Those guarantors must send a visa extension application attaching with the applier’s visa, passport to the Immigration Department.

– If you want to apply for a visa extension because of personal interests, you can follow the standard procedure and apply the form by yourself.

– If you apply for visiting relatives, medical treatment, marriage, adoption … the form must be certified by the authority in the local where you’re staying.

After reviewing all these steps and information, you can success for a visa extension application. If you don’t have time to do, you can ask the assistant at the international travel company, the Vietnam visa services for foreigners, or service companies for the Law of Immigration.

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